• Palm Oil

    Palm Oil

    RED EDIBLE PALM OIL is a very nutritious cooking oil which has been used by West Africans for years. It is known for a high content of Vitamin E with distinctive anti-oxidant benefits for our health. Read More
  • Vegetable Oil

    Vegetable Oil

    Homefoods Vegetable Oil is a high quality cooking palm oil containing a rich natural source of beta carotene (provitamin A). Read More
  • Ready-To-Eat Soups & Rice

    Ready-To-Eat Soups & Rice

    Finally, the culinary alchemist has changed your traditional preparation of SOUPS & RICE into tasty READY TO EAT ranges. Read More
  • Seasonings


    HOMEFOODS attention and creativity on food ingredients over the years sort to uncover the role of great food in your life. Read More
  • Seasonings


    Our journey of discovery is far from over and yet we know that simple additions can transform your meals from good to great. Enjoy your seasoning in jars. Read More
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Our Journey

Our Journey

Welcome to Homefoods

Learn more about Homefood’s rich and dynamic history from its creation to the present day.


Our Factories

Homefoods - palm oil bottling

Wholesome food for our consumers

We pride ourselves on industry standards, reputable suppliers, regulatory compliance and commitment to consumer safety.

Did you know?

  • Homefoods was conceived on a kitchen table with one staff and the founder?
  • The Red Palm Oil was the core business and only export product?
  • The Red Palm Oil is refined into vegetable oil?


People To Watch - The Africa Report

The entrepreneur has come some way from her humble business beginnings when she set up Homefoods in 1995. Working from home,s he first exported 100 cartons of palm oil in 1997, then shipped her first 20ft container in 2008.

Ernst & Young Awards

In November 2014, The CEO of Homefoods was nominated as Finalist by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the year, West Africa. The award ceremony was held in EKO Hotel one of the plush hotels in Lagos, Nigeria.

Stanford African Business Forum 2015

Entrepreneurship and Investment : Building and Scaling Businesses Across Africa. Felicia Twumasi, CEO of Homefoods, was one of the panelist on the Food Products and Cost Section.